Monday, May 3, 2010

Local Egg

Today Alan and I drove out and climbed the lookout tower near Egg. It was still cloudy and foggy with sprinkles but not enough to deter having a good recce of some of the environs around town which is very beautiful. From there we went to pick up the MGA we'll be driving to Italy on Wednesday. After doing a little photo file sharing, road trip "housekeeping" and having dinner with Toby and Ami, Alan's kids, it was off for a hot night of slot car racing with the local club.

Their rented facility sports two excellent tracks. An 150' foot fairly open routed and braided road course and a very challenging copper taped ~80' Scalextric (Mugello) Sport Track (both 4 lanes). The cars for the evening were rally sports cars. I won't "guild the lily" `cos I sucked... big time. Maybe I could fob it off by saying it was jet lag, the unfamiliar track, controller and car but I still sucked... On the bright side, I did mostly manage to stay out the "serious competitors" way and nothing was damaged, except my pride which I hardly use anyway.

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